restore to life or consciousness | regain life, consciousness, or strength | to give new strength or energy to | restore interest in or the popularity of | improve the position or condition of


The beauty of life is that we all have the opportunity to be revived. We have the opportunity to discover our identity, uncover our passions, and make a difference in the lives of others. There's beauty in realizing our value, the reason we are created, and living out our God-given destiny. In Christ, our souls are revived as He takes us from death to life and allows us to inherit His rich blessings and promises. Our passions awaken our hearts and transform us as we fulfill our purpose on the earth. And as we are revived, awakened, and transformed, we are able to pass these gifts on to others in our own unique way. It becomes a lifestyle - a revive lifestyle. 

I believe that a passion begins like an ember and is eventually fanned into a flame. Just as a spark has the potential to ignite an unstoppable fire, I hope that my passions, in partnership with others, will have a lasting affect around the world. I desire for a community to gather together who is focused on faith, integrity, justice, stewardship, sustainability, and the value of all life - particularly those around the world who have fallen victim to the injustice of human trafficking. My desire to see human beings free and flourishing affects the way I eat, shop, and live my everyday life.  No matter what that looks like for you personally, it's my hope that we can learn and grow from one another and become an effective movement to make significant change in the beautiful world in which we live. Whether it's financially supporting an organization, buying products that benefit a social enterprise, being conscious consumers, caring for the environment, taking control of your own health, or simply dedicating yourself to constant prayer and support of others, we each have a role to play in making the world a better place. I hope this blog will offer you the information and support you need to live holistically and positively impact those whose lives need to be revived.