JusticeMy heart longs to see justice served to individuals who have been wronged. We can bring justice by supporting organizations around the globe, buying ethically made products, and restoring people back to their intended purpose and value. 



ValueEvery life is created equal. We are all gifted and talented in unique ways or care about different things, but one thing that is true of all of us is this: we are all valuable. We are worthy of love, respect, dignity, and an equal chance to flourish. The value of a human being should never be diminished or disrespected. Instead, I long to see a world upholding the value of others and fighting for their freedom. 


Integrity: Whether it's people I work with or products I buy, I want a high-level of integrity to be present. I look for wholeness, honesty, and sound character.


StewardshipWe all have resources to steward - time, skills and abilities, money, the environment, etc. To be responsible with our resources is to be a good steward over them. Whether it's people or the planet, we haven't been, and are currently not being, good stewards over them. There has to be a shift from exploitation to responsibility, equality, and freedom. 


SustainabilityWhat's the impact? Long-term development initiatives and responsible use of the planet are very important in changing the trajectory of the world we live in. The point is to create positive systems and cultures that are empowered to take care of themselves. The more this happens, dependence is lessened, individuals and cultures are respected, and people begin to thrive not simply exist. 


Healthy/Natural LivingSpeaking from experience and years of personal research, I believe it's best to adhere to a whole food, nutrient dense diet. I believe in natural cures and remedies over conventional medicine as well. Our bodies are complex and wonderfully made and they are able to heal and overcome obstacles when given the space to do so. I believe the world would be better off without the harsh chemicals and additives that flood our homes and bodies. I hope for a world where everyone has access to organic, wholesome foods. A world where our homes are safe and the planet is cared for appropriately.