Hey, you, up there.

Yes, you.

I see you. I hear you knocking on the glass. I see your barely-dressed body. I feel your desire to be wanted, to be loved.

Oh, beloved one, why can’t I get you out of my mind?

There you are up there, knocking on the glass that separates us. Your desperate attempts to catch the attention of the men below are failing. And my attempts to lock eyes with you are failing, too, because you won’t look at me. None of you will. No matter where I go or what red light district I’m running through, it’s full of people. Men shopping, women seducing, but your eyes won’t meet mine.

Beloved one, please know I’m not looking into your eyes to judge. Rather, I’m looking into your eyes to love. I want you to know that I see you. I acknowledge you for the beautiful, created being you are. I know you’re full of potential and have the right to live a life of dignity, a life that’s built on respect.

You are loved by me. You are loved by the Creator. You’re worth loving and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

I want you to know that you matter to me. I want you to know you’re not a “prostitute.” Oh no, beloved one, that is not who you are. You have been beautifully created in the image of a faithful, loving God. You have intrinsic worth within you no matter what others say or do to you.

Oh yes, you, up there.

I don’t know what you did to get such an inconvenient spot, but you’ve captured my attention and my heart. I can see the smudges and hear the knocking now.

Run to Him, beloved one. Run and knock on His door. He will surely answer you and embrace you with loving arms. Arms that are safe and will not bring harm. Arms that protect and will not exploit. Arms that are unfailing and will never let you go. Arms that will hold you so tight you’ll forget what the loose embrace of the world feels like. He’s a safe place for you unlike the glass that’s shielding you from the street below.

Run to Him, beloved one, and knock on His door. You will not regret it - I can promise you that. You won’t regret it because you’ll experience life in its fullness the moment you run through His door and He embraces you in those loving arms of His.

Run, beloved one, run.