A new year has just begun and I'm determined to make the most of it. I don't do resolutions because I know I'm not disciplined enough to keep them, but over the last couple years, I have chosen a word. Last year that word was COURAGE and I feel as though I did a great job of living that out. My word for this year is ACTION and I can't wait to start making things happen and creating more experiences. This was kind of a no-brainer though. In 2016, I started a non-profit, Radiant Hope so it seems fitting to take things a step further, to take action and continue to bring the vision to life. However, as I've reflected on this word, I realized there are a lot of things that the word ACTION brings significance to. 

I want to take action and: 

  • Spend more quality time with Ricky, and other friends and family
  • Turn off social media, be present, and make memories
  • Practice hospitality + my love for "slow living"
  • Take Radiant Hope to the next level
  • Write/Read/Create/BLOG more
  • Continue to own my story and get free from shame
  • Love myself and others better than I ever have before
  • Be consistent in doing yoga
  • Heal from my deepest wounds 
  • Become a better photographer + storyteller
  • ....And the list goes on and on and on

In essence, I want to start living more in real life and less behind a screen. I want to grow in my creative giftings and produce beautiful things for the world to see. I want to love my family and friends well. I simply want to take action on the things that matter. Here's to a fresh start, a new year, and new opportunities to live like we've never lived before. Cheers, my friends!