I love that each season of life brings new lessons for us to learn. This season has been a difficult, but beautiful one. It’s been a season of sorrow and pain, but also a season of confidence and victory. It’s taught me much about life, faith, and how to practice what I preach. One lesson I’m learning is that I must recognize and fight the true enemy of the circumstances I find myself in.

So often, when life gets hard, we immediately start to question God – His love for us, His faithfulness, His goodness. But this time has honestly been different for me. Instead of allowing myself to question what I know to be true, I’ve held that truth up and claimed victory over my situation. I looked my circumstances in the face and said, “I will not let this situation deter me from all that God has for me.” Because truth be told, it could easily derail me. I’ve just refused to let it.

Here’s why. I know who God is and how He loves me. I know my life is found in Him. He has plans to prosper and not to harm. He works every situation for my good; He will never forsake me. And, I also know what I’m going through isn’t of Him – it’s a scheme of satan. It’s a very personal, well-executed attack from the enemy. So, that’s who I’m fighting against, not God.

This whole experience has caused me to evaluate my life and the battles I’ve fought so poorly in the past. I have been the person whining to God, feeling betrayed and forsaken, instead of recognizing the spiritual battle that’s at hand.

If we’re going to thrive in this Christian journey, we have to learn how to fight. So here’s my encouragement to you...

Go to battle with confidence, knowing you’re not on the front lines of it. God goes before and comes behind. The enemy might be able to create chaos and terrible circumstances, but He can’t touch you if you’re firmly in the hand and will of Christ.

Fight the enemy, not your Protector. Let Him be your bodyguard as you go to battle with prayer, the Word of God, and worship. He is fighting for you. He is healing you. He will get you through the storm with your joy intact.

Be bold. Be brave. Approach the throne of grace with your bleeding heart and allow the thread of His presence to bind your wounds. He will lift your weary soul and rain beauty over the ashes of your life. His promises remain true. His love reigns above our situations as a banner of victory. He’s leaning down and saying to you today, "Not even a finger of yours will be broken. You’re safe in My hands.” 

Praise Him while He fights for you.

Unclench those fists and grab onto His Word. Captivate every thought with worship. Turn your complaints into the most genuine prayers you’ve ever prayed. Fight this way and you'll experience God fighting on your behalf. He loves His kids. He's laid His life down for you once and will continue to do it over and over again as He shields you with His mercy. So remember, vengeance is for Him to have, not us.

He will give you all the strength you need to get through your situation. Let your soul find rest in the peace that surpasses all understanding. Trust in His unfailing character. He’s the God of justice and He’s already defeated the enemy you’re truly fighting.

May we be obedient to the call of trust. Let's be loyal to our Father, trusting that it's in our best interest to faithfully endure pain with Him than to fight against pain without Him. Our battles are won when we surrender ourselves to Him and to the posture of humility and grace.