The more I learn about the lack of sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry, the more passion it gives me to simplify and focus on well-made, ethically produced goods. Sure, it might cost more on the front end, but at least I'll be able to wear these items for many seasons instead of giving into the "throw-away fashion" model.

Spend more, buy less should be our anthem. Not, spend less, buy more. 

When we buy cheaply manufactured goods, we're using our voices. And our voices are screaming, "Continue with your unethical business practices! Continue exploiting people and the planet! Continue perpetuating human suffering around the world!" 

The fast fashion model has to stop. I have many opinions on this issue and I'm realistic with the fact that it's impossible to shop ethically 100%. I'm also realistic that not everyone can afford the small batch, locally produced goods that are becoming more and more available to us. But we all have a voice. And our voice comes in two forms: our mouths and our money. So let's choose to speak freedom as much as we possibly can. And if you can't afford to shop ethically with your money, use your mouth. Tell the major retailers you shop at what you, as the customer, the demand, care about. What you think is important. What you want to see in their stores. 

Boycotting and bashing is not the answer. Shouting and fighting for freedom, however, is. 

So, what's one way to spend more, buy less? 

I came across the idea of a "Capsule Wardrobe" several months ago and loved the idea. Since moving back from India, my closet is very bare. And I don't mean that in a figurative sense, I mean that literally. On the bright side, it's given me a blank canvas to start from. Now that we are settled back into life in NYC, I can add some very needed, good quality staple pieces to my wardrobe that will last me for years to come! I'm really excited about this! 

According to Unfancy, a capsule wardrobe is "a mini-wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally love to wear." She recommends having 4 capsule wardrobes, one for each season. And every year, you can reevaluate your capsule, take out items you don't plan to wear, and replace them with the same number of new, versatile pieces. It's really a way to control your consumerism and allow you to focus on what's important.

Caroline, from Unfancy, says it best: "To me, a capsule wardrobe represents more time and energy for what really matters (less time spent deciding what to wear / less time spent shopping / less time doing laundry or caring for clothes) more money for our dreams + helping others (less money spent on clothes that never get worn) and more contentment and happiness."

Here's the basic concept.

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An ethically curated capsule wardrobe will be hitting my closet soon! More details to come in future posts.