restore to life or consciousness | regain life, consciousness, or strength | to give new strength or energy to | restore interest in or the popularity of | improve the position or condition of

The beauty of life is that we all have the opportunity to be revived. We have the opportunity to discover our identity, uncover our passions, and make a difference in the lives of others. There's beauty in realizing our value, the reason we are created, and living out our God-given destiny. In Christ, our souls are revived as He takes us from death to life and allows us to inherit His rich blessings and promises. Our passions awaken our hearts and transform us as we fulfill our purpose on the earth. And as we are revived, awakened, and transformed, we are able to pass these gifts onto others in our own unique way. It becomes a lifestyle - a revive lifestyle. 

I believe that a passion begins like an ember and is eventually fanned into a flame. Just as a spark has the potential to ignite an unstoppable fire, I hope that my passions, in partnership with others, will have the same effect on injustice - especially human trafficking. I also desire for a community who is focused on health, nutrition, and natural living to gather together. No matter what that looks like for you personally, it's my hope that we can learn and grow from one another and become an effective movement to make significant change in the beautiful world in which we live. Whether it's financially supporting an organization, buying products that benefit a social enterprise, being conscious consumers, caring for the environment, taking control of your own health, or simply dedicating yourself to constant prayer and support of others, we each have a role to play in making the world a better place. I hope this blog will offer you the information and support you need to live holistically and positively impact those whose lives need to be revived. 

This blog exists to empower others to live an ethical, sustainable lifestyle. It's here to educate people on the issue of human trafficking and give practical, tangible alternatives to the choices that enslave and exploit other human beings. Through this, I hope that you are able to find freedom for yourself and feel empowered because you are providing freedom for others. I'm humbled to have you join me on this journey. Let’s change the world together.



  Photo Credit: Kristen Torres-Toro

 Photo Credit: Kristen Torres-Toro

My name is Courtney. I wholeheartedly believe in loving God and loving people with nothing less than excellence. I also believe that by lowering our slavery footprint with wise consumer choices, caring for the environment, and living a healthy lifestyle, we can experience freedom for ourselves and contribute to the freedom of others around the world. I’m a Jesus follower, world traveler, passionate advocate, and wife to Ricky.



I believe in the saying, “nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.” Over the last several years, I have learned how to live an ethical, sustainable, organic lifestyle - not because it’s trendy, but because people’s lives depend on it.

You see, my journey began through learning that my lifelong chronic illness was caused by a gluten and dairy intolerance. It was through innocent research about these new restrictions that I began to uncover the truth about our current agricultural system. For months, I researched and learned everything I could about the issues we were facing as a country. I listened to podcasts, watched documentaries, read books, articles, blogs and more. I was extremely frustrated with the poor standards and quality of food that was allowed in the USA.

In the midst of this, I also learned about human trafficking. At first, I read the stories and learned about the horrors that millions were facing through sex trafficking. Then, I learned about labor trafficking and how it affects every industry and every country around the world. I was and still am appalled that slavery exists today. I find it completely unacceptable that there are more slaves now than any other time in history (estimated 27-30 million).  I knew from the very beginning of this discovery that I had uncovered my passion. Since then, I have dedicated my life to eradicating modern-day slavery.

These two seemingly unrelated worlds began to collide as I saw how agriculture and trafficking overlapped. I began to understand how my choices as a consumer had a direct impact on people working in these industries all over the world. From fields to factories to personal gratification, vulnerable people around the globe pay the price for us to have cheap products or they become the products themselves so we can fill our every desire. We all need to admit that we play a role in the exploitation of people around the world, whether or not it is intentional. We have the choice to be holistic in our approach, choosing love and freedom, or we can continue to be one-sided, tending only to our own wants and needs. Let's love others well and make it known that their lives matter, too.